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Freight Forwarding and Transport services of "Astrak plus":

We welcome you on web-site of:
Freight Forwarding and Transportation Company "Astrak plus".
Transportation Company "Astrak plus" successfully realizes its potential in the sphere of transport and freight forwarding and logistic services.
The motto of our company is "Professionalism. Reliability. Quality".
The main aim of the company is analyzing and satisfying clients’ demands. We search reliable strategic partners and maintain long-term, confidential and mutually advantageous relations with them.
Freight Forwarding and Transportation Company "Astrak plus" helps to decide any questions connected with transport sphere.

The Republic of Belarus is situated at the crossroads of main transport routes, which connect countries of West Europe with Russia and South-East Asia. We organise export, import and transit by overland transport. We specialize in high-quality freight distribution including European countries as well as the members of CIS.

Nowadays the Republic of Belarus has a developing market of transport and freight forwarding services. Thus the foreign trade turnover has rather high indicators.

We thank you for your attention to Freight Forwarding and Transportation Company "Astrak plus" and invite for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.


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