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Classification of dangerous cargo:

Classification of dangerous cargo consists of 13 danger classes:

Danger class 1 - Exploitive Materials and Goods;
Danger class 2 - Gases;
Danger class 3 - Flammable liquids;
Danger class 4.1 - Flammable solids, self-jet substances and firm explosives;
Danger class 4.2 - Substances capable to self-ignition;
Danger class 4.3 - Sunstances emitting flammable gases upon reaction with water;
Danger class 5.1 - Oxidizing substances;
Danger class 5.2 - Organic peroxides;
Danger class 6.1 - Toxic substances;
Danger class 6.2 - Infectious substances;
Danger class 7 - Radioactive material;
Danger class 8 - Corrosive substances;
Danger class 9 - Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles.
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